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Previous Speaking Engagements

Types of Events: Press
Business Conference


  • Stress

  • Small group consultation

  • Stress management

  • Military career path

  • School career path

  • Government career path 

    • Navy experience, for prospective soldiers/ high school and college, what to expect in the service before, during Bootcamp, how are your jobs given, what to look for, how it can change your life from Legend’s personal experiences.


Venues and Sectors for Speaking Engagements

  • Virtual Meetings/ Webinars

  • Geared towards youth

  • Salvation Army

  • Prison

  • Halfway house

  • Corporate Motivational Speakers

  • Sports geared motivational speaking

    • Basketball

    • Football

    • Baseball

  • Churches

    • Adult 

    • Young adult/College

    • Youth groups/Teen

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