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Do you offer follow-up sessions?

Yes! We are all working towards making sound decisions that improves our quality of life.

What are your fees?

For individual and select small group work the initial consultation begins at 39.99/hr. Afterwards a personalized plan based on either a 30/min or 1 hr session will be set based on the length of service needed and the frequency of sessions per week. 

For example, 5-week session meeting twice a week for 1 hr will be calculated differently from a 3-month session meeting 1 day a week for 1 hour.

How can I register for your upcoming talk?

Legend25 wants to see you there! When upcoming talks or conferences are scheduled please refer to the "Book Online" page and click on the event(s) you would like attend. Fill out the online form and you're all set!

An email confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided. Please make sure that you have all of your information filled out correctly including your email address and phone number.

What are your group/conference fees?

For group and/or conference group work the initial consultation and service fee varies depending on the type of service being rendered. 

Please see our contact page to get started on a quote.

For example, conference or work intensive sessions. The preparation materials for group work or activities, length of speech or work shop  (1 hr- or more), one session or over the course of your workshop/conference, etc. All of these factor into your individualized service plan.

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