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Legend 25 B and B Motivations:               The Full Story

Get ready to live your best life. Legend25 B@B Motivation Services provides the tools needed to redefine your mind, so you can create the space necessary for the important positive shifts that make every day better than the last. 

Legend25 B and B  Motivation Services was born 30 years ago through the partnerships and connections Dr. Willie M. Brown, Founder, discovered as a young athlete in Allendale, South Carolina. His passion for sports opened the door for many opportunities he would experience in the days, months, and years to come.  As Willie progressed through life, he learned the importance of hard work, determination, sacrifice and the value of teamwork while playing for the Allendale Fairfax High School basketball team (Go Tigers ! ). His life’s journey led him to continue his gift at Claflin University (Go Panthers ! ) in Orangeburg, South Carolina where academics, responsibility, and integrity became an integral part of his growth. 

Following college graduation, he served in the United States Navy. Willie M. Brown not only gained military experience, but also gained confidence in himself, growth as a man, and acquired life skills from his Navy experiences that he uses everyday.

Over the years Willie has been a committed Law Enforcement Officer within the Federal Bureau of Prisons where he has gained many insightful lessons, experiences, and tools which he shares till this day. For example, his workshops surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. Giving back to his community, mentoring, and inspiring the younger generation has always been important to him. While serving as the youth director at a juvenile detention center, Willie had the opportunity to communicate and understand the life experiences of our future generation. 

In Willie Brown's life, education has always been a major factor. Even as a  child his mother and father emphasized the importance of a 'good' education. Willie received a Bachelors degree in Criminal justice from Claflin University and later on furthered his studies at Refresher Faith College where he obtained a Doctorate of Philosophy degree. His passion to teach, inspire, encourage, and motivate has been a trademark within his personal and professional career.

          Legend 25 B and B Motivation Services is the name that holds history and experiences.

                Willie M. Brown would love to have the opportunity to enhance and enrich your life.

 " Stay Encouraged.     Stay Faithful.   Stay Focused.   Stay Humble. "

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